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  West System 205C Fast Hardener .94 Gal
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West System 205C Fast Hardener .94 Gal

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Hardener selection—select a hardener for its intended use and for the cure speed best suited for your job in the temperature range in which you are working.

West System 205 Fast Hardener

205 Fast Hardener is a medium-viscosity epoxy curing agent. It is used in a majority of situations, at lower temperatures and to produce a rapid cure that develops its physical properties quickly at room temperature. When mixed with the 105 Resin in a five-part resin to one-part hardener ratio, the cured resin/hardener mixture yields a rigid, high-strength, moisture-resistant solid with excellent bonding and coating properties. Not intended for clear coating.


Mix Ratio, Resin: Hardener 5:1 by weight or volume
Pot life at 72°F (22°C) 9 to 12 minutes
Cure to a solid state 6 to 8 hours
Cure to maximum strength 1 to 4 days
Minimum recommended temperature 40°F (4°C)
Pumps required 300, 306-25 or 309

Did you Know?

ALL products we sell are factory new and come with the full Manufacturers Warranty!

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West System 205C Fast Hardener .94 Gal - Resins