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  Standard Horizon Matrix GX2000
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Standard Horizon Matrix GX2000

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Standard Horizon Matrix GX2000

Ideal Marine VHF for mariners who already have an AIS onboard.

25W Marine fixed mount VHF with AIS receiver or transponder input, Waypoint navigation and 30W loud hailer. RAM3 second station compatible.

  • AIS (Automatic Identification System) receiver or transponder must be connected to perform AIS functions
  • AIS target display*: MMSI, Call Sign, Ship Name, BRG, DST, SOG and COG
  • Contact AIS Ship with DSC*
  • CPA (Closest Point of Approach) Alarm*
  • 80dB Commercial grade receiver
  • Class D DSC (Digital Selective Calling) with Individual, All ship, Position Report, Request and Distress
  • Independent Channel 70 receiver built-in for continuous DSC watch
  • Local/Distance attenuator
  • Enter, Save and Navigate to waypoints with Compass page**
  • Navigate to a DSC Distress Call**
  • Submersible JIS-7 / IPX7 (3.3 feet for 30 minutes)
  • ClearVoice noise canceling speaker microphone with channel selection and 16/9 key
  • Oversized rotary channel knob with push to enter, backlit display and keys
  • 30 Watt PA/Loud Hailer with preprogrammed fog signals
  • Capable of connecting an optional RAM3 second station remote microphone
  • Intercom between radio and RAM3
  • DSC position request and report functions when connected to compatible GPS chart plotter
  • Voice Scrambler (optional)
  • Versatile user-programmable scanning, priority scan and Dual Watch
  • One-button access to Channel 16 and 9
  • User programmable soft keys
  • Navigation (LAT/LON, SOG and COG) information shown on display when connected to GPS
  • 38400 AIS VDM sentence output to compatible GPS chart plotter
  • 3 Year Waterproof Warranty

*when connected to an optional AIS receiver or transponder
**when connected to an optional GPS

AIS Input

Have an AIS receiver or transponder on your vessel? The GX2000 MATRIX is the perfect radio of choice for you! When the MATRIX is connected to a AIS receiver or transponder (with VDM AIS sentence output at 38400 baud) the display will show AIS targets simply by pressing the dedicated AIS key. The MATRIX will display AIS MMSI, Call Sign, Ship Name, BRG, DST, SOG and COG and will allow you to contact an AIS Ship directly using DSC, show your vessels position in relation to AIS targets and alert you when an AIS ship may be approaching to close to your location via the Closest Point of Approach (CPA) Alarm.

Navigate to Waypoints

The MATRIX is capable of entering and saving up to 100 waypoints. These waypoints may be selected and navigated to by using a unique navigation compass display that shows your vessels SOG, COG, BRG (Bearing) and DST (Distance) to the waypoint when connected to an external GPS.

Digital Selective Calling (DSC)

The MATRIX is Class D class DSC VHF with a separate Channel 70 receiver, which allows DSC calls to be received even when listening to traffic on Marine VHF channels.

The DSC DISTRESS function when activated transmits a digital MAYDAY including vessel identification, Latitude / Longitude and time (with GPS connected), to facilitate prompt response. Additional calls that can be made are Individual, All ship - Urgency and Safety, Group, Position report and position request calls.

DSC Position Polling and NMEA in/output

Easily share position information with other DSC equipped vessels using the position request and position reporting functions. With the push of a few buttons you can request the position of another vessel, or simply send your position information to the vessel you select.

The GPS Position of a received DSC Distress or Position Request call can be shown on a compatible GPS Chart plotter simply by connecting 2 NMEA wires.

ClearVoice noise reduction technology speaker microphone

The MATRIX features Clear Voice Noise Reduction Technology eliminating unwanted background noises like engines and wind during transmission. This assures transmissions are crystal clear along with dedicated 16/9 key and channel selection. In addition the microphone includes a speaker for crystal clear receiption of transmissions.

Commercial grade 80dB receiver

Advanced receiver technology rejects the reception of unwanted signals from pagers and other unwanted VHF frequencies. In addition the MATRIX has an receiver attenuator to futher reduce noise in busy harbors and marinas.

30W PA and Fog signalling

The MATRIX includes a 30W Loud Hailer with Fog signals; Bells and Whistles. For added benefit, the last selected VHF channel can be heard when in the PA or Fog modes.

Big, bold display

There is no question about it. With a big, bold display there is no mistaking the information. The contrast and brightness can be adjusted for situations where the radio cannot be mounted directly in front of you.

Programmable Channel Names

The MATRIX is supplied from the factory preloaded with description of the use of Marine channels (16-Distress, 22A-USCG, 71-Pleasure...). The channel names may be customized by the user to easily understand the use of each channel.

GPS repeating

By connecting a GPS to the MATRIX; Position, date, and time are also displayed when interfaced with a GPS receiver.

Optional RAM3 capable

Need to remotely control the VHF from your cockpit of fly bridge? The MATRIX is RAM3 remote mic capable to control all VHF, DSC and AIS* functions at a second station.

AIS receiver or transponder connection required.

Programmable Scan, Priority Scan and Dual Watch

Scanning is not an issue with the MATRIX. The radio can be setup to scan any number of channels with or without a priority channel or simply can be setup to scan between a priority channel and on other channel (dual watch).

NOAA Weather channels and Weather Alert

10 NOAA and Canadian Weather channels are pre-programmed and easily selectable using the dedicated WX key. In addition, the MATRIX can be set to monitor WX channels and provide an audible alert to inform of pending storm advisories.

It’s built better so backed better

Because the MATRIX is built better, it’s back better. If your Standard Horizon MATRIX ever fails for any reason including water damage during normal use in the first three years, STANDARD HORIZON will repair or replace it free, without hassle or charges…period! If it fails thereafter in normal use it for the life time of the product it is covered by Standard Horizon’s Lifetime Flat Rate Service and Customer Loyalty Programs.

Did you Know?

ALL products we sell are factory new and come with the full Manufacturers Warranty!

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Standard Horizon Matrix GX2000 - Fixed Mount VHF

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