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Your own "old-fashioned country style" smoked fish, bacon, ham, jerky, pheasant or duck, is easily and economically achieved with the Little Chief or Big Chief Home Electric Smokehouse. Delicious smokehouse flavors of Hickory, Apple, Cherry, Mesquite or Alder permeate the meats to add mouth-watering tastes that are just not available with grocery store or even expensive delicatessen products.

Curing and smoking of game, fish and domestic meats is an ancient art, originally conceived as a means of food preservation. Curing meats with natural salt was used by the ancient Chinese and many western civilizations as early as 1,000 B.C. The introduction of salts to meats, while curing, causes the meat to undergo chemical changes resulting in greatly increased preservation.

When heat is introduced by means of a low-temperature "oven" (Smokehouse), the moisture is removed, the meat becomes firm and may then be easily stored for extended periods of time.

The aroma of the woods (chips) used in heat generation permeates the meat with its own delicate flavor. This process imparts a subtle, yet tangy taste of hickory or other hardwood flavors that many of us have tasted in the past. Herbs and spices such as garlic, pepper, bay and dill may be introduced to your product by the dry cure or brining techniques which are explained in our handy recipe booklet. Natural sweeteners such as maple, wild-honey, molasses, pineapple and brown sugar may also be used to flavor your gourmet treats.

Your Guide to Home Curing and Smoking House Cooking.
The curing and smoking of fish, game and domestic meats is an art that everyone can now enjoy. Your own old-fashioned, country-style smoked foods are easily and economically achieved with the portable Little Chief and Big Chief Home Electric Smokehouses.

Your smokehouse will allow you to make:

  • Traditional, fully-cured meats
  • Add smoke flavorings to any food
  • Make your own high-quality sausage

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