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Buy Name Brand Mooring Whips

Boatersland Discount Marine Supplies has mooring whips manufactured by Dock Edge and Taylor Made Products in stock and ready to ship. Mooring whips are an economical and safe way to protect your boat against costly dockside and seawall damage.

The mooring whip systems available at Boatersland Marine include BoatGuard mooring whips by Taylor Made Products and Dock Edge mooring whips in three sub-categories: economical, premium and ultimate. The BoatGuard whips have been designed by Taylor Made with the same tough standards as the company’s fixed base and premium mooring whips. BoatGuard whips provide the safety zone between dock and boat for many types of docking applications. Dock Edge mooring whips are considered a more affordable alternative to securing vessels than boat lifts and davits.

Regardless of the brand of mooring whip that you buy from Boatersland Marine, there are some basic instructions on their use. When docking the boat, make sure you are roughly three to four feet away from the dock. A crew member should have bow lines in reach before you stop. The first step is to place the bow breast and spring line loops, followed by the bow whip line, on the inboard bow cleat. Doing this will secure the bow. The person on your boat in charge of the stern then places the stern breast and spring lines over the inboard boat stern cleat. You then pull the stern toward the dock, which allows you to get off of the boat. After securing the boat, you will need to place the loop of the stern mooring whip line over the boat stem inboard cleat across the top of the dock line loops. While standing on the dock, you would then pull down the tail end of your mooring whip line. Doing this tightens the dock lines tight. You will continue to pull the mooring line until the top end of the mooring whip is almost in a horizontal position and the boat is resting against the dock lines. You then secure the whip line to the whip cleat and repeat the process on the second mooring whip. After completing these tasks, your boat should be parallel to the dock.

BoatGuard Mooring Whips
Dock-Side & Howell Mooring Whips  By Dock Edge
Taylor Made Mooring Whips

BoatGuard Mooring Whips

Dock-Side & Howell Mooring Whips By Dock Edge

Taylor Made Mooring Whips

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