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Boater Sports Stretch Dock Lines

If you have a smaller vessel that you want to easily secure to a dock without dealing with lengthy nylon rope, Boater Sports stretch dock lines may be the answer. This boat rope system is easy to use and can be a good option for novice or inexperienced boaters who may not feel confident docking their vessels using double braid or three-strand nylon rope. When you use stretch dock lines, you simple need to loop the dock line over the dock cleat and stretch it to the cleat on your boat. This system is designed to allow the stretch cord to absorb the shock that typically causes damage to your boat. These Boater Sports stretch dock lines are made from high quality hollow braid polypropylene fiber and have a diameter of 3/8 of an inch. Boater Sports has made these stretch lines in lengths of four to five feet, five to seven feet, and seven to 10 feet. These lines have been manufactured in black, blue and white. If you are considering using stretch dock lines for your vessel, check the inventory at Boatersland Discount Marine Supplies to determine if the size and color that you want is available.

Polypropylene stretch dock lines are inexpensive, float and they do not absorb water. These dock lines are also easy to store on your boat as they are not big. You will be able to store these stretch lines on your boat and not worry about you or your passengers tripping over them or worry about them taking up valuable space on the boat. Despite the small stature of these dock lines, Boater Sports stretch dock lines boast a safe working load of 339 pounds.

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