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  Wesmar HD825/160-8 Hydraulic Hoist Sonar
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Wesmar HD825/160-8 Hydraulic Hoist Sonar

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Wesmar HD825 Series Sonar - A New Generation of Digital Searchlight Sonar Designed for Purse Seining

  • All digital searchlight sonar specially designed for purse seining, but highly effective for all sonar applications
  • Lightening fast Black Fin internal computer
  • Quick, hands-on sonar controls keep you on the fish, not the menu
  • Spot fish way out in front
  • Push a button for a quick reverse for a second look
  • New linear display unwraps the bottom for better view of fish and bottom hardness

Control Panel- The new control panel is designed for quick and easy operation to find fish, fast. Following a school of fish and navigating the boat have become much easier with HD825. There are no menus to scroll when tracking the fish so your eyes stay on the fish. Changes to range, sector, bearing, and tilt are immediate because each has its own separate control. The quick reverse feature is perfect. Once fish are detected you can hit quick review and waste no time returning to the fish.

Digital Design- The HD825 uses the same powerful Black Fin processor as the high end HD850 sonar. Powerful digital detection capability and digital communications without cable loss or electrical interference enhances performance. Bright, sharp target colors for detecting dispersed fish.

Searchlight Advantage- No sonar has better directivity than Wesmar engineered transducers. One hundred percent of the transducer surface area points in the direction of the fish in a sharp narrow beam. Dispersed fish and hard-to-mark fish are detected clutter-free. An Omni sonar, with a diffused beam, allows dispersed fish and fish near the bottom to go undetected.

Split Screen Mode- More information, greater clarity. View both forward scan and profile scan on the same screen. Top part is forward scan, lower part is profile and each have separate adjustments.

Stabilized Down Sounder- Stays focused on the bottom. Full screen sounder for rough days when conventional sounders lose picture, the sonar transducer can be locked down for a reliable stabilized sounder picture with zoom. White line is available to distinguish fish from the bottom.


Frequency kHz- 160 kHz
Type of Hoist- Hydraulic
System includes 35 feet of interconnect cable

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