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  Fusion MS-BX3020 100 Watt Cube Speakers
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Fusion MS-BX3020 100 Watt Cube Speakers

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The FUSION Saloon Series is high-end audio for the marine-cabin environment, designed for exceptional sound in larger boats and represents the highest quality purpose-built marine audio on the market. The audio reproduction of the Saloon series is unsurpassed and creates the perfect atmosphere for entertaining or relaxing below deck.

Designed by FUSION's head acoustic designer Garry Lambert; "the devil is in the details as far as speaker design goes, many people think a good speaker comes down to aesthetics, but it doesn't. Speaker design must be tailored to produce the best acoustic result for the end environment, whether that be a boat, a car, a living room, or a stadium - they're all different!" says Garry. The Saloon Series is true to its name, designed specifically for the saloon/cabin environment for unrivaled acoustics.

The current Saloon Series consists of two matching components - a pair of wide-range saloon speakers and an active subwoofer, with an internal four-channel Class-D amplifier to drive both speakers and the subwoofer.

The FUSION Saloon Series MS-BX3020 is a compact wide-range speaker enclosure, with a sophisticated internal crossover network for crystal-clear sound. The two-way speaker drivers comprise a high quality 3-inch damped-cone bass to mid-range speaker, paired with a high quality silk dome tweeter, in an optimised acoustic chamber. Both internal speakers are conformal coated for marine and each are rated at 100 watts peak.

If you enjoy good bass, then FUSION's active subwoofer, MS-AB106RO is a must - the sound from a system with both Saloon Series speakers is superb. This FUSION enclosure is not only a subwoofer, there are also two amplifiers to drive the two FUSION wide-range speakers.

A High End design, the active Bass reflex system utilises the most advanced technology in a small package, with a passive radiator that seals the speaker from moisture. The speaker driver is a 6 -inch dual voicecoil down-firing woofer, acoustically coupled to a matching Passive Radiator giving the equivalent of a 10 or 12" subwoofer.

The Subwoofer system features a built-in four-channel Hi-Fi Class D amplifier for top efficiency, delivering high power with low battery drain. Two amplifiers are dedicated to the wide-range speakers and the remaining two each drive a voice coil in the dual voicecoil woofer, for higher bass power and life-like detail. Total peak power is 350 watts.

High quality waterproof paper cone
Fabric Dome Tweeter
Peak Power: 100 watts
Frequency response: 200-20kHz
Sensitivity (1W/1M): 85db
Impedance: 4 ohms

6" Dual voicecoil down firing woofer
6" Passive radiator
4 channel Class-D amplifier
Peak Power: 350 watts
Frequency Response: 30Hz-200Hz

Did you Know?

ALL products we sell are factory new and come with the full Manufacturers Warranty!

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Fusion MS-BX3020 100 Watt Cube Speakers - Fusion Audio