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  Wesmar EV850/110-8 Sonar System
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Wesmar EV850/110-8 Sonar System

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Wesmar EV850 Series Sonar - Expedition Vessel Navigation and Security Sonar


  • High performance, expedition quality engineering.
  • Active electronic gyro-controlled stabilization capable of correcting for 34 degrees of movement per second.
  • 110 kHz frequency has proven effective in numerous tests for both navigation and underwater intruder detection.
  • New large array transducers have up to 30 percent more detection elements than conventional sonar with greater transmit power and receiving sensitivity.
  • The interconnect between the sonar dome electronics and the bridge is digital and resistant to interference from vessel electrical noise as with conventional sonar, and thus, sonar gains can be operated at a high level for optimum target detection. In addition, the digital sonar will not interfere with other shipboard electronics.
  • The system includes a unique 'power booster' system that supplies high voltage to the transmitter. This ensures a strong transmit pulse for maximum transfer of acoustic energy. System electronics operate from a second power supply that splits the load.
  • Sonar operation is simplified through joystick operation. The sonar screen never leaves the monitor when making adjustments. This is important when avoiding hazards or tracking divers.
  • The EV850 provides excellent shallow water navigation through locks, marinas, and other shallow water areas.

Navigation- High definition and long ranges in shallow water
With Wesmar's advanced EV850 technology, you can monitor the waters around your vessel for safety and security 24 hours a day. The powerful narrow beam will depict underwater from the surface to bottom in detail and at ranges never before achieved. Among its many advances is electronic beam stabilization for steady, reliable target tracking even in rough water where other sonar are inoperable. Navigate into unfamiliar harbors with a clear sonar picture of the channel, reefs and rocks. Cruising in the blind of with crude and unsuitable sonar is in the past. Wesmar's new EV850 will give you a sonar picture of the underwater, 360 degrees around your vessel. Before dropping the anchor, scan the moorage for suitable depth and obstacles to avoid grounding with falling tide.

Security- Superior Security Detection

The night watch on most vessels, anchoring in unfamiliar and potentially dangerous harbors, is limited to surveillance of surface threats. During which, there is little possibility of detecting underwater intruders. TheEV850 will detect and provide a sonar track of divers hundreds, even thousands of feet away in some locations, providing early warning and time for response. A diver coming out of the water has much greater vulnerability to forewarned deck watch. Immediate detection of a diver moving underwater from shore 350 feet away toward an anchored vessel. Without the EV850 sonar, the vessel is unprotected.

Frequency- 110 kHz
Soundbeam- 5.2 Degrees V, 8.5 Degrees H
Maximum Range- 1000(m)

Did you Know?

ALL products we sell are factory new and come with the full Manufacturers Warranty!

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