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  Simrad GO9 XSE 9" 4G Radar Bundle with Totalscan & 4G Radar
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Simrad GO9 XSE 9" 4G Radar Bundle with Totalscan & 4G Radar

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GO9 XSE with TotalScan and 4G Radar

The Simrad GO9 XSE chartplotter navigation display is a perfect way to expand the capabilities of sportboats, cruisers, and smaller center consoles with plug-and-play support for Simrad Broadband Radar™ and Halo™ Pulse Compression radar systems. Behind a super-bright, multi-touch widescreen display lies a built-in GPS receiver, GoFree® Wi-Fi, and industry standard NMEA 2000® connectivity. Connect with smartphones and tablets, control your onboard sound system, monitor engine data, and choose from an array of built-in sonar technology to cruise with confidence and find fish like a pro.

Key Features

  • Easy to use multi-touch interface
  • Full-featured chartplotter with widest available cartography support (Insight, Navionics, CMAP)
  • Radar display for Simrad Broadband 3G™/4G™ and Halo™ Pulse Compression radar systems
  • Plan smarter with TripIntel™ technology
  • Support for Navionics Autorouting and Jeppesen Easy Routing
  • 9-inch flush or bracket mount display
  • Widescreen with bright LED backlight
  • High-speed 10 Hz GPS receiver
  • Includes TotalScan™ transducer for medium/high frequency CHIRP sonar and StructureScan® HD imaging
  • Built-in GoFree™ Wi-Fi
  • Dual microSD card slots
  • Compatible with the Simrad WM-3 SiriusXM satellite weather module (North America only)
  • NMEA 2000® compatible

Easy to Use Multi-Touch Display

The GO9 XSE offers true ease of use with intuitive touchscreen controls that smartphone and tablet users will find instantly familiar. Tap to create or select waypoints, pinch to zoom, or tap and drag to pan smoothly across charts. Simple home screen and menu layouts make all functions quickly accessible, with large and clearly-captioned icons that are easy to recognise and tap.

Chartplotter Navigation & Waypoint Management

The GO9 XSE is a full-featured chartplotter, with support for the widest available range of cartography options including C-MAP® MAX-N, Navionics®, Insight®, Insight Genesis®, and NV Digital® Charts. Navigate confidently to destinations near and far, with the flexibility to choose charts that best fit your needs and location. Set and record those destinations easily with simple waypoint mangement: mark waypoints with a touch, and assign meaningful names that make it easy to look up your desired destination whether you’ve mapped out ten places or a thousand.

Expand Your View with a Simrad Radar Solution

The Simrad GO9 XSE is a full-featured radar display with plug-and-play connectivity to Simrad Broadband 3G™, Broadband 4G™, and Halo™ Pulse Compression radar systems. Cruise confidently through crowded harbours, navigate safely in poor visibility, keep an eye on distant weather cells, and find flocks of feeding birds that hint at good fishing spots. Automatic tuning helps to provide a clear radar picture in any conditions, while radar overlay combines radar data with navigational charts for an easy-to-interpret view of your surroundings.

Fully Customisable Interface

The Simrad GO9 XSE is fully customisable to suit your vessel and your favourite on-water activities – from power boating, to fishing, to water sports. Customise your home screen with shortcuts to the features you use most, and personalise it with your choice of wallpaper. Adjustable split-screen views and customisable panel layouts let you see everything you need on-screen at once, whatever your activity.

Plan Smarter with TripIntel™ Technology

Designed for power boaters, TripIntel technology tracks and displays the key information you need to plan safe and enjoyable days on the water. Make smart decisions with fuel range overlaid on charts, easy access to current and future tide levels, and a detailed history of your previous trips including the route you took and how your boat performed.

Easier Navigation with Automatic Routing

Automatic routing brings the convenience of in-car navigation to boating, helping you to plot a route and get underway with less delay. Simply select a destination, and your GO XSE display will suggest the shortest, safest route taking into consideration the draught and dimensions of your vessel. This feature is available with Navionics+ or Navionics Platinum charts (Navionics Autorouting), and with Jeppesen CMAP MAX-N+ charts (Jeppesen Easy Routing).

Built-in 10 Hz GPS receiver*

With a high-speed GPS receiver updating your position ten times every second, the Simrad GO9 XSE is ideal for use aboard fast-moving RIBs and powerboats. Watch your boat’s movement tracked smoothly, accurately, and in real-time, without ‘jumping’ from point to point on the display.

Cruise Charting View

Designed with power boating in mind, the Simrad GO9 XSE offers a unique Cruise Charting page that brings together crucial navigation data and charts in one easily readable display. Choose the information most relevant to your crusing style and on-water activities with the ability to edit on-screen data items.

NMEA 2000® Engine Monitoring & Instrumentation

The Simrad GO9 XSE connects to any NMEA 2000®-capable equipment aboard your vessel including outboard and inboard engines; fuel level and flow meters; speed, heading, and water temperature sensors; and much more. Create your own custom digital instrument displays, bringing a wealth of information to even the most crowded dash while keeping a clean look with as few gauges as possible.

Watch Your Depth with Built-in Sonar

Knowing the true depth beneath your hull can help you enjoy your time on the water with fewer worries, and makes it easier to locate suitable anchorages in unfamiliar waters. With built-in sonar, just add a suitable sonar transducer for accurate, real-time depth tracking. A scrollable depth history view lets you track back and easily set waypoints for promising anchorages, while StructureScan Imaging™ combines DownScan and SideScan sonar to offer a picture-like view of the bottom beneath your vessel.

Cruise Confidently with ForwardScan™ Sonar

Using an optional ForwardScan transducer, this forward-looking sonar technology provides a clear two-dimensional image of the bottom in front of your vessel, allowing you to navigate shallow or poorly-charted waters with confidence. With real-time updates and a forward-looking view of up to eight times your current depth, ForwardScan lets you relax and enjoy a safer day on the water.

Find fish with CHIRP & StructureScan® HD sidescan imaging

Whether fishing is your life or just a casual hobby, any fishing trip will benefit from the extensive array of built-in sonar technology on the Simrad GO9 XSE. Add a suitable transducer, available separately or bundled with your display, and the GO9 XSE works as a powerful fishfinder with CHIRP-enabled broadband sonar for clear detection of fish throughout the water column. With an optional HDI or TotalScan transducer, the GO9 XSE also offers StructureScan HD sidescan imaging for a picture-like view of fish-holding structure beneath and around your boat.

Simrad SonicHub®2 & Bluetooth® Audio Integration

If you’re not at home on the water without a good soundtrack, the Simrad SonicHub®2 marine audio system is the perfect companion to a GO9 XSE display. Stream music from Bluetooth® connected tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices, play MP3 files from a USB flash drive, or listen to the SonicHub 2’s built-in AM/FM radio. SonicHub 2 brings complete control of your audio entertainment to your GO9 XSE display, eliminating the need for a separate stereo head-unit and letting you listen to your music, your way.

GoFree™ cloud enabled with Built-in Wi-Fi

With Wi-Fi built in, the Simrad GO9 XSE provides direct access to GoFree cloud services including easy wireless map downloads, software updates, and more. Whether hooked up to your home Wi-Fi with your boat trailered in the driveway, logged in to your marina’s Wi-Fi, or tethered to your smartphone out on the lake, you can access GoFree cloud services anywhere you have an internet connection. On the water, GoFree connects the Simrad GO9 XSE to your mobile devices, mirroring your display’s screen on your smartphone or giving you full remote control from your tablet with the free GoFree Controller app.

SiriusXM Weather Integration

The Simrad GO9 XSE is the only GO Series display compatible with SiriusXM Marine satellite weather, via the optional WM-3 expansion module, for real-time access to weather information right on your display. With onboard access to weather radar, surface buoy reports, NOAA Marine Zone forecasts and more, you can check out the conditions offshore before you even leave the dock. SiriusXM Marine is a subscription service, exclusively available within North America.
* Built-in GPS receiver works in any bracket-mount installation, and when flush-mounted with most fibreglass hulls. When flush-mounted in a metal hulled vessel, an external GPS receiver such as the Simrad GS25 may be required.



Display Type WVGA Colour TFT LCD
Display Size 9-inch Widescreen
Display Resolution [pixels x pixels] 800 x 480
Backlighting Levels LED / 1200 nits


Other Features Waypoint Storage: 10,000 points total combined waypoints / route points
Memory Card Capable Chart Card Slot: Dual microSD

GPS Navigation

GPS Antenna Type 10 Hz built-in GPS


Operating Temperature -15 °C to +55 °C (5 °F to 131 °F)
Waterproof/Standard Rating IPX7
Product Width 243 mm / 9.56 in
Product Depth 83 mm / 3.26 in
Product Height 171 mm / 6.71 in
Product Weight 1.32 kg / 2.91 lb


Power Consumption 12 W @ 13.8 V
Power Supply (Supply Voltage) 12 V DC

Networking Connectors

NMEA 2000 Pending Certification 1 port

Did you Know?

ALL products we sell are factory new and come with the full Manufacturers Warranty!

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Simrad GO9 XSE 9" 4G Radar Bundle with Totalscan & 4G Radar - Simrad Marine Radar