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  C-MAP NA-M609 MAX Baja California Bathymetric
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C-MAP NA-M609 MAX Baja California Bathymetric

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Baja Directions is a provider of bathymetric and fishinginformation for the Baja California region of Mexico. An extremely popular area forsportfishing, and home to some of the most lucrative fishing tournaments in the world,this new product offers a boatload of improvements to this area including improvedbathymetry, new C-Marina charts and popular fishing grounds and fishing "hot spots".

From San Diego, CA down the Baja coast to Cabo San Lucas, MX and all of the Sea of
Cortez with coverage down to Las Tres Marias Islands just northwest of Puerto Vallarta.

Bathymetric Details:
33' intervals to 330'
66' intervals to 660'
330' intervals over 660'
There are 33' contours up to 2,000 ft in Ensenada (Bahia de Todos Santos)Four distinct levels of bathymetric charts providing detail from 5 nm down to 250 feet(Zoom levels will vary depending on plotter screen size)Traditional bathymetric cards provide detail starting at 1 nm.

C-Marina Charts:
We added C-Marina detailed marina chart coverage for 14 important ports along the BajaCalifornia coastline:
1. Ensenada
  • a. Hotel Coral and Marina
  • b. Juanito?s Boats
  • c. Baja Naval
  • d. The Marina at Ensenada

2. Bahia de Tortugas
  • a. Puerto San Bartolome

3. San Carlos
  • a. San Carlos Marina

4. Cabo San Lucas
  • a. Marina Cabo San Lucas

5. Puerto Los Cabos
  • a. The Marina at Puerto Los Cabos

6. La Paz
  • a. Club Cantamar Resort
  • b. Marina Pichilingue
  • c. Costabaja Marina
  • d. Marina Palmira
  • e. Marina de La Paz
  • f. La Paz Harbor

7. Santa Rosalia
  • a. Santa Rosalia Marina

8. Loreto
  • a. Loreto Marina

9. Bahia de Los Angeles
  • a. Villa Vita
  • b. Guillermo?s
  • c. Casa Diaz

10. San Felipe
  • a. Marina Turistica San Felipe

11. Guaymas
  • a. Marina Real San Carlos
  • b. Marina San Carlos
  • c. Hotel Playa de Cortes
  • d. Delfinario Sonora
  • e. Marina Turistica Guaymas

12. Tobolobampo
  • a. Marina Palmira Tobolobampo

13. Mazatlan
  • a. Marina El Cid
  • b. Mazatlan Harbor

14. Puerto Vallarta
  • a. La Cruz Yacht Harbor
  • b. Marina de Nuevo Vallarta
  • c. Paradise Village Marina

Did you Know?

ALL products we sell are factory new and come with the full Manufacturers Warranty!

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C-MAP NA-M609 MAX Baja California Bathymetric - MAX C-Map NT